Ohio Jury Verdicts and Settlements

Geoff Gets Results For His Clients

Geoff understands that you want results. That’s why he is selective about the cases that he chooses, and he only takes on serious injury cases. Since he limits the number of cases that he chooses, he is able to maximize his effort on each and every case, putting in the time it takes to get it right. He is not going to leave you in the dark, or settle your case with one phone call. After you hire The Jones Firm, expect nothing less than complete peace of mind. Listed below are some recent case results, which are updated frequently. Each case is unique, and results are not guaranteed

Real Results

Geoff worked tirelessly to settle a young man’s case for $200,000. Geoff’s client was seriously injured in a high speed rear end motor vehicle collision. The young man had good grades and was heavily involved in extracurricular activities prior to the accident. Geoff’s client sustained a traumatic brain injury causing him to develop a traumatic seizure disorder. The young man missed time from school and could no longer participate in extracurricular activities.

Real People

Geoff secured a $42,500 low back injury settlement. Geoff’s client was a middle-aged man who was injured in a rear end motor vehicle accident on the highway. Geoff’s client sustained a soft tissue injury to his lower back. He was diagnosed with a lumbar strain.

Are What Matter

Woman suffering from low back injury.

Geoff settled a young Columbus woman’s case for $75,000. Geoff’s client was injured in a rear end motor vehicle collision. The young woman injured her neck and lower back. She treated with chiropractic and physical therapy. In addition, she had surgical procedures to relieve her pain, including bilateral epidural steroid injections and lumbar radiofrequency ablation.

Geoff was knowledgeable, personable and professional. My case was stressful and unique but Geoff handled everything and kept me in the loop.


Geoff is as professional as they come - always prompt and friendly... I would absolutely recommend to anyone that needs help navigating this tricky field.


He was able to have a personal conversations (most larger firms would not have time to do) that would allow him to understand all of the big & small changes in my life the accident caused me & my family.